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College is a great place to be. It will make you realize many things. One of them being that there are so many fine ass guys for you to look at and that you do, indeed, have a chance at burrying your face in one of those asses…

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Anonymous Asked: how about someone who hasn't bottomed in 2 years?

I’ll roll with that 😉

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Anonymous Asked: I'm a top but I would soooo bottom for you ;)

Your anaconda wants summa dis?

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Anonymous Asked: I'm a virgin, nice and tight. Stick it in me too please ;)

Sorry. I won’t take your vCard son. Too much baggage 😜

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I wanna put my dick in all the straight guys’ assholes because I love it when it’s nice and tight…fuuuuuuck yes 😏

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Left is June 12th and right is September 9th

Not drastic but I definitely am loving the progress! I hope this picture can change someone’s life if they’re thinking about getting healthy or wanting to lose weight. It took me an Instagram picture of a friend’s shopping kart of healthy goods for me to start putting my life on track. Living a healthy life and being fit has definitely opened up my eyes to many things. I’m more confident. I wake up better. I eat better. I look forward to sweating and being sore! I also park my car at the farthest parking spot just to make myself walk further! Lol but yes guys! This is just something I wanted to share with y’all. Remember, if YOU want it, then go and get it. It starts with YOU!

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yogithebear Asked: I'm always curious about the stories behind why people got the tattoos that they got. Why'd you get yours?

I might have to make a video on that! 

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