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I wanna j/o and watch porn but I’m not caught up with the world and have a shitty laptop that overheats within 10 minutes if I watch a video so now idk what to do.

if i lived near, you wouldn’t have to j/o…js

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Suggest me some video ideas?

I can’t, for the life of me, think of a video idea because I want to be so original…i need some suggestions/ideas…help a nigga out yall. I do this for you guys lol let me know if you guys wanna know some stuff or want me to talk about a specific subject!

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yes guys…I’m single..I’m not longer in a relationship. It’s been about a month now. Just focusing on me and doing me.

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Bye Felicia

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Anonymous Asked: You with braces is like the cutest thing! :D

thank you! It definitely grew on me (;

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Anonymous Asked: hey what app do you edit your pictures? thankss.

vscocam and afterlight

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Anonymous Asked: this may be sort of random, but I was just wondering what software or programs you use to edit your youtube videos (which are great, by the way).

final cut pro!

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